Saturday, July 31, 2010

westport summer series 4.7 miler: race photos and results

what a great day to run! not only did the temperature drop down into the 70's, but there was no humidity and a cool breeze as well! the 5th race (4.7 miles) in the westport summer series took place at the longshore country club. the last time i raced there was when longshore was part of the old minuteman 5 mile course!

the course took us out and back to compo beach. while it was a great day to run, my legs weren't up for it. i wanted to run a sub-7 minute pace, but at 3 miles my split was just over 21 minutes. my watch took also took that opportunity to die on me. it's been one disappointment after another (too many to recount) with this new timex ironman triathlon - and this was the last straw. no more timex' for me.

the last 1.7 miles (from the reset watch) took just over 12 minutes - which gave me an overall time of 43:xx. i'll have to wait until the results are posted to find out my actual finish (43:28).

here are the race results.

a few more photos on facebook.

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