Monday, July 5, 2010

2010 four on the fifth: race photos and results

it was a hot (but, thankfully, not humid) morning to run 4 miles in new canaan! despite the heat, jim had a great turnout for the 4 on the 5th race. there were a lot of familiar faces (some who also ran the westport 2.2 miler on saturday, the putnam county classic yesterday, or both). at one point jim announced (jokingly) that anyone only up for two miles could get bused to the turnaround point on the out and back course - and run it in from there ;p

while i had no plan to race this one, it came in as one of my slowest 4 milers in recent memory. at 29:04, a 7:16 pace, my finish was well off the time i last ran this race (2007/26:49) or my pr for the course (2005/25:43). while i didn't have a goal in mind, it was just off the sub-29:00 time i wanted to run! but, as the third race in a hot weekend, i'll take it!

here are the race results from clubct.

the winners: amy and anatolie :D

pre-race: emmy (w/ice pack) and rob (in vibrams).
"are we really doing a third race?!"

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