Friday, July 16, 2010

2010 vermont 100 mile endurance run: pre-race briefing photos

we had an easy drive to vermont today, 3.5 hours from our house to the pre-race check-in and briefing. as expected, plenty of familiar faces: john, phil, nick, paul, emmy, marge, wayne, seth, admas, lucimar, yuen, zeke, and scott, just to mention a few.

after my medical check-up (weight and blood pressure), i took my multi-colored drop bags to the pick-up area. then followed socializing and catching up until it was time for the briefing. we didn't stick around for the dinner, opting to eat near our hotel.

it's going to be an short night. my wake-up call is set for 2:30 and will be on the road to the start by 3:00 - with a 4:00 kick-off to the race. it's going to be very humid tomorrow. my goal of a sub-24 hour finish may have to yield to the weather :(

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ExSoccerGuy said...

Hope it went well. Looking forward to the RR. best, ESG/Ron