Tuesday, July 20, 2010

catching up with jose at rattle 'n' hum

this afternoon i left work early and met my friend jose at rattle 'n' hum for a couple of beers. he was in town, just back from a trip to china, japan, and korea, on his way home to puerto rico. it's been almost a year since he was last in new york - last summer, in fact. that time around we headed over to puffy's tavern with our friend danny for catching up.

a southern tier brewery event was scheduled for that night, but we were too early for the special selections. but i kicked off with southern tier "hop sun" which was already on tap. it was an excellent summer selection. then, for something completely different i opted for some sour beer, a van honsebrouck "bacchus." while i had a nice tart kick, it was too thin for my taste.

ducking into a craft beer bar for a couple in the middle of a hot summer afternoon beats sitting in the office any day :D

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