Tuesday, July 13, 2010

george steinbrenner: r.i.p

george steinbrenner died early this morning, july 13, 2010. he had just celebrated his 80th birthday. the boss (not springsteen in this case, as yankee fans will point out) gave up day to day control over the team to his sons hank and hal, but he nevertheless remained a looming figure at yankee stadium. during his 37 years as principal owner, the team won 7 world championships, the most recent of which was last year. and it was his vision that brought into existance the brand new yankee stadium.

steinbrenner was the stuff of legend. he redefined notions of modern baseball when he ushered in the age of free agency during the 1970s by signing catfish hunter and reggie jackson steinbrenner was a controversial figure - even among yankee fans - for his constant interference with day to day game decisions (and his impetuous hiring and firing of managers). but it all served to make him part of popular culture - no less so than when a caricature of steinbrenner became part of the seinfeld universe during the late 1990s.

while he made few public appearances because of his declining health over the last few years, fans will ever forget his determination to win! or, as he often expressed it, "he hated to lose!"

rest in peace george steinbrenner.

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