Monday, July 26, 2010

katie's off at summer camp :D

katie is at camp now. we dropped her off yesterday afternoon, and stayed just long enough to get her checked-in and see her new bunk. with so many familiar faces, both campers and counselors, it hardly seemed like a year has gone by since last summer!

here are a few pictures :D

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As you write about your daughter going to camp and this being her last year,it brings back memories of my last year at camp. I went away to camp also as a child and young teen. I have very fond memories of camp. Hiking,boating,even developing black and white photos in hobby class. and I remember this one time; I had used some questionable language as one kid was bothering me and he told the counselor. The counselor said it was for my own good and he proceeded to washed my mouth out with Ivory soap, ahhh the memories! LOL