Thursday, July 15, 2010

a movie ("the girl who played with fire") and some drop bags

it's been a relatively busy week, especially with summer session II kicking off yesterday, so i decided to catch a mid-day movie. i went to see "the girl who played with fire" - the follow up to "the girl with the dragon tattoo" and the second instalment of stieg larsson's "millennium" trilogy. in some ways, it was actually better than the first one! i'll write up a review of it next week.

when i got home, priority one was planning the drop bags for the vermont 100 mile endurance run this weekend (otherwise i would have written the movie review). as a certified procrastinator, i got as far as laying out all the essentials. the actual packing will, as usual, take place hours before i get in the car. in some ways, there's a lot less to consider taking along because the weather forecast is for hot, humid conditions all weekend.

regardless of the weather, looking forward to having a lot of fun (in the context of running, walking, slogging, crawling, to get through 100 hilly miles of vermont roads and trails). like last year, rob is coming up on saturday to pace me for the last 30 miles. so many returning (and new) faces expected this weekend that it may double as an ultrarunning reunion!

stay tuned :D

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