Wednesday, July 7, 2010

katie's stress fracture :(

well, it's official - the x-ray on katie's foot revealed a stress fracture :( she came back from the doctor's office wearing a boot - and she has to wear it for at least another 10 days. it's not a serious injury, and should heal quickly. but the downside is that she can't participate in sports - which means she has to miss field hockey camp (and, to a lessor extent, no waveny xc relay with her dad) :(

on the bright side, she should be as good as new in 2 weeks :D


Tim Wilson said...

Bummer, but wow on the quick recovery. That is really fast!

misszippy said...

Sorry to hear that. One thing to keep in mind with stress fractures--make sure she returns slow and short. They can come back pretty easily.