Saturday, July 24, 2010

2010 norwalk summers series 9 miler: race photos and results

i switched from the queens half to the norwalk summer series 9 miler this morning. all things being equal, much easier logistics heading to norwalk than it would have been driving down to queens. either race, regardless of weather (which was brutally hot and humid), would have been a recovery run. so i opted to run norwalk and socialize with my friends afterwards.

as for the race, a few people only ran one loop. i felt like joining them! i hit the wall at 6 miles and found myself struggling to finish the last 3 miles! under those circumstances, i was more than happy to survive with a 1:13:15 (8:09 pace). while i wanted to run it in a sub-8 pace, i'll take the 8:09 :D

the one scary moment of the morning was emmy dropping to the grass after she crossed the finish line. she was at the edge of heat exhaustion and had us worried during the couple of minutes it took for her to cool down and rehydrate. that could have been any one of us out there!

this afternoon we have a long drive up to new hampshire - tomorrow kicks off a month of summer camp for katie!

here are the race results.

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