Thursday, August 6, 2009

mets v. st. louis cardinals: a couple of pictures from the game

yesterday my old friend david and i took the afternoon off and slipped over to queens for the mets game. as a yankee fan, i didn't have much stake in the outcome. but this was david's (a definite mets fan) third trip to citifield this summer.

so for his benefit, i behaved myself a little by not wearing my yankee cap to the game (shades of elaine with a baltimore cap at a yankee game where she and george sat in the owners box - ha). that didn't stop a family down the row from us arriving dressed in cardinal colors. we had a great time and the mets won easily, 9-0. unfortunetly, that victory came at a price since two players got injured during the game.

on a side note, i was utterly surpised to find some excellent beer at the food court! i had a widmer brothers hefenweizen and a goose island honiker's ale. david went with a landshark lager and a corona.

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