Tuesday, August 11, 2009

happy birthday joe jackson - 55 years old today!

joe jackson, a staple of my college music scene (his "night and day: album was constantly on the turntable) is 55 years old today. born on august 11, 1954 - i never realized how close in age we are (8 years)!

i first saw jackson in concert in august, 1980, at the wollman rink in central park - he played there as part of the "dr. pepper" summer shows. it was the tail end of his "i'm the man" tour (that fall he'd release "beat crazy") my most vivid memory from that central park show is the rain! the audience was soaked as he snarled thru his set that soggy summer night!

hard to believe that night was 29 years ago!

happy birthday joe jackson!


ChickenUnderwear said...

I don't remember the rain, I remember the heat.It was like a 100 degrees that day. I remember that he was insulted that people were not dressed up. I hit him with a roll of toilet paper when he did "Sunday Papers". He was a jerk then and now even worse. He is "speaking out against anti smoking hysteria"


rundangerously said...

mike, he played central park 2 nights back to back. not sure which night i went, but it RAINED big time! jackson made some obnoxious observation, "i wouldn't stand out there in the rain to hear myself play..."