Sunday, August 2, 2009

yankee captain thurman munson died in a plane crash 30 years ago today

on august 2, 1979, thurman munson died tragically at the too young age of 32. can thirty years have flown by so quickly? he had been practicing take-offs and landings in his private plane at the canton airport. there were two passengers on board, both of whom survived the crash. it was subsequently determined that the plane crash was the result of pilot error.

the entire yankee team attended munson's funeral in canton, and his number 15 was officially retired by the team within days of his death. thurman munson was then, and still is, my favorite ny yankee. last month i read "munson: the life and death of a yankee captain" by marty appel. appel had co-authored munson's autobiography in 1977 and took the 40th anniversary of his death as an opportunity to write a more detailed account of his life and death.

r.i.p. thurman munson

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