Tuesday, August 25, 2009

bruce springsteen's "born to run" was released 34 years ago today

i just couldn't pass up the chance to mention that today is the 34th anniversary bruce springsteen's third album "born to run" - released on august 25, 1975. it's easily both his masterpiece and breakthrough album. while "born in the usa" would also be a blockbuster release for springsteen, "born to run" was what launched him into super stardom.

i was a huge fan of springsteen in high school. but this wasn't my first bruce springsteen album, "darkness on the edge of town" has that honor. "born to run," the title cut, is not my favorite bruce song, that goes to "spirits in the night," on his first album, "greetings from asbury park," released at the start of 1973. but "born to run" does have my second favorite bruce song, "thunder road!"

while i'm not as big a fan of bruce springsteen as i was in those days, i did go see him play giants stadium last summer. that was a tremendous show - and even after all the years gone by, he still has it.

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