Friday, February 12, 2010

bxl cafe: a belgian beer bar in nyc :D

cut out of work early this afternoon and joined anthony at the bxl cafe on 43rd street for lunch and a couple of beers -some great belgium beers, actually! the bxl cafe had a decidedly european flavor to it, down to the french bartender (chris) who served our drinks (and even recommended the some alternatives when our first choices weren't available).

we kicked off our beer drinking with a pails of mussels and sides of fries ("moules frites") - a classic that brought me back to some paris days where i had the same lunches. we kicked off with bottles of westmalle (dubble, for me). next round i tried a rochefort 6 (at chris' recommendation).

to round out our selections, we finished with a draft kwak (thanks to a recommendation from sam, drinking one next to us), in a traditional (and unique) glass - an hourglass shaped tube, held by a wooden handle.

great way to end a week, start the weekend :D


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's weird. I was in there for lunch on the same day, but we left since there weren't any tables available and the bar was full as well.

Next time youre there, try the Orval, not to be confused with Duval.

TonyP said...

What a blast that was. We have to do it again soon and drag Brennan with us.