Monday, February 1, 2010

february 2010 race schedule

February begins and ends with Boston Build-up. I had tossed my hat into the ring for the Empire State Building Run Up tomorrow, but no luck this time around (I’ve run it twice in the past few years). Instead, the Boston Build-up 20K in Southport kicks off the month on Sunday. Then fourth and final race of the series, the 25K in Silvermine, is my last race in February. The 25K is easily my favorite of the four Build-up races.

In between those two events, I need to make amends for having missed both Thursday Nights at the Track last month. I just couldn’t get myself back into the city on those two nights. But there’ll be two more tries to get myself over to the Armory in February. Luckily, Katie ran in a pair of track meets at the Armory last month - so I got there in spirit :D

One perennial on the February calendar is the YMCA Sweetheart Run - a twosome 4 miler that I’ve run with Emmy for years. The course itself is hardly a sweetheart - a gnarly hilly beast would be a more objective assessment! Every since they had Krispy Kreme donuts one year, it’s been one of my favorites. Haven’t had the donuts in a while - but great hot soup at the finish!

A new addition, announced by Mary Wittenberg at the start of the Manhattan Half last month, is a NYRR 4 mile fund raiser on behalf of Haitian relief efforts on the Saturday the 20th. Our second World Lung Foundation Running Team group run is scheduled for that morning. So will probably combine the two activities.

The next day, Sunday the 21st is the biggest dilemma of the month. I’m planning to head back to Albany for the winter marathon (unfinished business from last year), but it conflicts with the Cherry Tree 10 Miler in Prospect Park. Not only do the two races conflict, but the Broadway Ultra Society 2010 Awards Brunch is pencilled in for that morning! The brunch is preceded by a group run on the Greenbelt Trail. Missing both the brunch and group run would be a drag.

Finally, a return trip to the Colchester Half Marathon - a race I ran (w/Emmy) for the first time last year. Tough course, but the post-race recovery is eased by the excellent food and drink! I’m looking forward to this one.

7 - Boston Build-up, 20K (Southport)
11 - NYRR Armory Track Series
13 - YMCA Sweetheart Run, 4M - [w/Emmy]
20 - WLF Group Training Run, 6M
20 - NYRR Run for Haiti, 4M
21 - HMRRC Albany Winter Marathon, 26.2M
25 - NYRR Armory Track Series
27 - Colchester Half Marathon, 13.1M
28 - Boston Build-up, 25K (Silvermine)

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