Monday, February 8, 2010

boy scouts celebrate their 100th anniversary today!

the boy scouts of america are 100 years old today! the "america" part distinguished them from their slightly older bethern, who started scouting a bit earlier in england. on february 8, 1910, william boyce incorporated the boy scouts in delaware. he had been inspired by an earlier trip to london, where boyce had met unknown scout who helped him and thereafter refused a tip. in 1908, robert baden-powell published "scouting for boys" in london, where scouting unofficially began.

my days as an active scout ended thirty years ago. from boy scout camping trips, to the order of the arrow, and then, finally, as an associate advisor to my explorer post, i had some great times thanks to scouting. i've relived some to those times vicariously over the last 10 years as katie now participates in girls scouts :D

most recently, i took a trip back in time to visit my old boy scout haunt, "camp pouch" on staten island. last fall a cub scout troop held a 5k trail run as a fund raiser! that was an incredibly fun time. but just last month the news turned sour when it was announced that camp pouch may not only be closed for financial reasons, it may even be sold outright and some of the pristine woods developed. argh!

anyway, that doesn't take away for an otherwise great milestone for scouting!

happy 100th anniversary!!

update: check out emmy's pictures from the 100th anniversary night celebration!


Slomohusky said...

Thanks again! You have some meaningful FYI post, at least to me. I was a Boy Scout and was an Adult Leader up till the past Oct. Thanks for sharing.

CTmarathoner said...

this is such a cool post!! Greenwich is having a town-wide council party for the boy scout anniversary tonight from 7:30-8:30--complete with birthday cake --I am taking the 2 boys and will take pixs!!!

rundangerously said...

thanks slomo! once a scout, always a scout :D

emmy, great pictures! i added link to them :D