Thursday, February 18, 2010

packet pick-up for the run for haiti at nyrr club

for a race that has over 8000 registered runners, packet pick-up was fast and easy at the nyrr club this afternoon! but i went at lunch, so it may be more crowded after work. the large field should make for a very interesting run on saturday. i'm not sure how (or if) the corrals were seeded by time, but my bib is 4,1xx (and emmy's is 7,7xx)!

we had planned a world lung foundation group training run in the park that morning, but rescheduled it in light of the race. incorporating the run into training plans would be an even better option. the post-race "festival to support haiti" - with live music and performances - should be fun!

if you're running it, be sure to say hi!

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