Tuesday, February 2, 2010

some pictures from the 2010 empire state building run-up

i went to the empire state building to watch the run-up this morning. this is a fantastic event and even though i've done it in prior years, was disappointed not to get selected this time around. instead of climbing, i was cheering (along w/hiro). amy took third overall, emmy took second and julie took third in their respective age groups! and to mix-up the training a bit, elaine and emmy both did the "run around manhattan" 50k on sunday :D

a few more photos posted on facebook.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you look pretty good in a tie. Long time no talk. Hope things are going well. Congrats to Emmy (again). Will be running NYC HM so hope to see you there.

Greg (mysol)

rundangerously said...

greg, i slipped out of the office to check out the run-up :D

will be at the half (w/wlf team) - so will definitely see you there!

RJR said...

Cool photos. That was a fun event.

misszippy said...

So cool! I've always thought it would be "fun" to try.