Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a midweek snowstorm and a snowman :D

i managed a decent 8 mile run yesterday (1:02:52) in anticipation of today's little snowstorm. for about a foot of snow - i think we got about 12 inches here, but it's still snowing so that may increase a bit - seems like the entire tri-state area came to a standstill! i didn't even try to make into the office this morning.

but i did try running in between bouts of shoveling snow. i only managed 2 miles on the post road and that took way more effort than i imagined (18:43). it was more to get out of the house and escape that snowed in feeling than to log training miles. but the most fun and productive escape from the being snowed in was katie's snowman :D

we haven't had too much snow this winter, as opposed to the seemingly endless stretch of below average temperatures. so despite the repeated shoveling, it wasn't bad. now it remains to be seen how long the snow lingers!

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misszippy said...

I'm from Baltimore, which seems to be the epicenter for all blizzards this winter. Luckily I got out before the last two hit and am in Calif. enjoying the sun and running in shorts. But back to reality soon enough. Ready for spring!