Thursday, February 25, 2010

jimmy's no. 43 - an east village beer bar

last night i had a great time meeting up with my old friend and freshman roommate, chris! we had an early dinner and drinks at jimmy's no. 43 in the east village. some good beer, food, and a lot of catching up on old time!

chris and i had some great beer, but since they featured stone brewing that night, i ended with a stone "sublimely self-righteous strong ale" - which, i paired with our dessert of hazelnut bread pudding, "w/ronny brook whipped cream, and six point brownstone reduction." it took me longer to write that sentence than it did to consume the stone and bread pudding :D


Sank said...

I am so jealous. A couple years ago I went to a brewer's dinner at John Harvard's Brew House just outside of Harvard Univ. in Cambridge MA. The meal was finished off with an Oatmeal Stout, and a chocolate tort. Still get hungry everytime I think of that combination.

rundangerously said...


i had the young's double chocolate stout lined up... but i finished it before the bread pudding arrived :D the stone sublimely self righteous was a great closer too!

good luck w/the surgery!

Laura said...

I've been meaning to go to Jimmy's for a while. They have so many cool events: cassoulet cookoff, monthly Tappy Hour, etc. Hopefully I can make it there soon - I love good beer!

rundangerously said...

laura, next week jimmy's is hosting a sour beer tasting. i'll send you the info via fb!