Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2010 boston build-up 20k: race report

the 2010 edition of the boston build-up 20k was cold, starting temperature in the 20's, with a wind chill that dropped it into the single digits! yet there seemed to be a record turnout for the race! the southport train station was, in addition to all the pre-registered runners just trying to stay warm, packed with a long line of race day registrants signing up for the race! this particular race of the series also draws a contingent from the west point marathon team! the field would be large - and fast!

while i wasn't going to be among the fast ones today, i did want to run a sub 1:35 to make up for my water logged 1:36 finish last year. while i missed that target by 16 seconds, i was still pleased with the result. we faced headwinds for the first 6 miles, on the out bound leg of the course. my last minute decision to keep a sweatshirt on over my running clothes kept me warm during that stretch. but, ultimately, i was way overdressed and it probably contributed to the dehydration that i felt on the return leg. four layers don't make for an efficient running style :D

it was a tough first mile because i just couldn't loosen up. my legs felt stiff and it wasn't until the third mile that i finally got into a groove. just in time for the gnarly climb up the hill leading to the 4th mile. i missed the mile markers for most of the splits. the first one i spotted was 4, which i reached in 30:35, and then 5, at 38:15. i wouldn't catch another mile marker until the 10 mile spit! at this point i was feeling okay and on pace for the sub 1:35.

after mile 6 we turned left and began the cross over to the return leg, parallel to the outbound one. this was a pleasant, sunny stretch - and thankfully, we had left the wind behind us. we had 3+ mile straightaway, the nicest stretch of the course to run - and make up some lost time on the hilly outbound leg. last year a suddend rain shower materialized during this stretch! i reached 10 miles in 1:16:20, and could feel the effect of the extra clothes.

i was still on target for a sub 1:35, but was fading fast. emmy caught up to me at mile 11 (1:24:20) and could see i was running out of gas. i kept it together for the last two miles, but it was a struggle to get it done. my 1:35:14 (1:35:16 official) was just off thetarget, but an improvement over 2009. afterwards, despite the weather, i was parched and dehydrated from the run. i skipped the bagels and stuck to the pouches of fruit punch.

there was post-race socializing at the station - which included catching up with wayne (who i hadn't seen since the knickerbocker 60k back in november). there was also speculation on the possible new date for the 25k. jim mentioned before the start that the 25k would need to be rescheduled (the traditional move back to the subsequent weekend may not work out this time around because of other race conflicts). then don, emmy, and i went over to joe's house for a post-race brunch and even more socializing!

despite the cold start, it warmed up and turned into a great morning to be out running :D

here are some race photos.

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peter said...

Oh well, only 15 seconds off after over 12 miles. Pretty good!