Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1000 miles logged for 2010... so far :D

my run this morning (6 miles) inched the total miles for 2010 over the 1000 mile threshold. standing alone, that's a relatively empty bit of datum - but a fun milestone to note. it doesn't seem like i've logged that many miles, especially since i've hardly averaged more that 50 miles a week during the winter and early spring!

more that forty percent (415) of the miles were logged over 21 races. three quarters of the race miles (307+), came from just 6 ultras and 2 marathons. the remaining miles (108) come from other races (25k or shorter). that leaves just under 600 training miles - the bulk of which represent daily training runs between 6 and 8 miles.

more meaningful numbers, for me, are weekly and monthly mileages within a given training cycle. in that respect, while i've been averaging just over 200 miles per month this year, my weekly mileage hasn't been as consistent (hovering, on average, around 50+ mpw). between the lousy weather and a busier than normal schedule, i haven't been able to log 60+ mile training weeks on a more consistent basis.

with the spring semester now finished, and some nicer weather just around the corner (fingers crossed), i can get back to some higher mileage weeks. but, more importantly, it's time to get back to the track and start running intervals! as a rule of thumb, a good training week for me includes 5-10% of the miles as speed work (either at the track or a short road race).


Maria said...

Great stuff Frank! I just checked my log and I crossed over too, 1059 for 2010 so far. Mine undoubtedly fall more into the training bucket than the racing bucket - kudos to you and keep up the great work!

Eliot said...

Wow! This report made me, for the first time, look at my 2010 running stats. Boy, I need to do some catching up! I'm a slacker ... logged in only ~527 miles this year so far (234 miles were from 7 marathon/ultras, 38 miles were from shorter races and the rest (255 miles) were from training runs). Pretty weird mix, I know. Boy, now I know why you are 2X as fast and as strong as me!