Sunday, May 2, 2010

2010 law day 5k: race report

it was a surprisingly hot day for the 2010 law day 5k in darien. if fact, seemed to be the kick-off of a rogue heat wave that saw weekend temperatures soar into the 80s! a tough adjustment coming off a week that kicked off with wet, dreary weather and worked its way up to sunny and windy conditions by friday! even so, it was beautiful day to be outside (even if it was a bit hot to run)! the fred weisberg memorial law day 5k was still a great way to spend saturday morning.

the race doubled as a fundraiser for the connecticut legal services summer intern scholarship program. it's run on the same course as the bunny boogie 3 miler. to correct for the extra distance, the bunny boogie starting line is moved back a 10th of a mile. in all other respects, the courses are identical (with one big hill to climb in mile 2). in a twist (from my "just in time arrivals") , i got to pear tree point beach early because i had dropped katie off for an sat-biology test at 7:30 - and then drove straight to the race.

as a consequence, i got to mark the course with ronnie and kate. jim recruited us as last minute volunteers. we had a lot of fun jogging the course and trying to determine where to put down the mile markers! the entire process doubled as a decent warm-up for us. interestingly, there was an open house taking place along the course and the parked cars there eventually blocked the second mile marker! not that big of a deal in the overall scheme of things.

once the race kicked off, i expected to be passed by younger attorneys - but there didn't seem to be that many running the race. as it turned out, the first woman attorney did beat me! but my 21:56 finish was good enough for first male attorney finisher! that was my slowest time running this race (well off my 19:36 pr for this course back in 2005). the 7:04 pace was also off my target of sub-7 minute miles. but, be that as it may, i was more than happy with the outcome!

afterwards, we had a great time socializing. just a few of the familiar cast of characters that ran: emmy, kate, john, rob, roy, ronnie, and anatolie. while i took sunday off from racing, kate and john doubled up and ran the westport 5k! i ran a few more miles saturday afternoon, and then a hilly 10 miler on sunday morning. now that it's sunday night, looks like the mini heat wave has broken (and we may get a little rain in the process)! tough weekend to run!

here are my race photos.

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