Thursday, May 13, 2010

ny giants and jets bid for the 2014 superbowl game!!

yesterday the giants and jets teamed up in a bid to bring the 2014 superbowl to the meadowlands! eli manning and mark sanchez were on hand to add a little star power to the announcement. while not quite a long shot, it would have been an outright hail mary if not for the backing of nfl commissioner roger goodell. a superbowl at the meadowlands would be the first one held at an outdoor stadium during the winter!

also bidding are tampa and south florida (classic warm weather sites). the decision is expected in two weeks, on may 25th, when the owners vote on the choice. if none of the three bids receive three quarters of the votes (24 of the 32 owners), the city with the fewest votes is dropped. the winner will then be decided by a simple majority of the second round vote.

go meadowlands!!

Update: and, the 2014 superbowl goes to the ... meadlowlands!! woo hoo!!

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