Saturday, October 2, 2010

peter's birthday party at mid-hudson children's museum :D

this afternoon pat, katie and i drove up to my brother's house and, from there, to the mid-hudson children's museum to celebrate my nephew's 6th birthday. it was actually a two museum in one day road trip because we stopped off at the dia museum in beacon on the drive up to his house. i'm not into contemporary art - the trip to dia was a school assignment for katie.

the road trip was my first time out of the house since thursday. a nasty fever w/flu like aches and pains had me spending a lot of time in bed. i seem to be over the worst of it now - but the chances of lining up for the putnam county fall half marathon are very slim. with only 4.5 miles run this week, even if i ran 13.1 miles tomorrow - this would be my lowest mileage week of the year.

stay tuned :D

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