Wednesday, October 13, 2010

bangkok: day four

this morning i made my way back to chuvit garden (pictured above) for the 3rd time in 4 days. the one morning i skipped it (and running, for that matter) was weather-related (rain and thunderstorms). i'm at the point where i recognize a handful of regulars - mainly walkers, and 2-4 stray cats. the cats have a pretty nice gig - waiting around for the gardener to bring them some food - roaming the manicured grounds of the garden.

not only do i share the 300 meter loop with walkers and cats, but ethereal new age sounds (i'm hesitant to call it music) is pumped in via speakers! the only downside to this morning running routine is the humidity. today the ground was still wet from the overnight rain, the sky was overcast, and the humidity was stultifying high! but it's still better to be outside :D

yesterday was another full day of classes. i normally lecture in the morning, along with my co-instructors. the afternoon sessions are devoted to group exercises, which the students then present to the full class to wrap up the day. we have a great bunch of students, and the sessions tend to go by quickly! today is fourth day of the five and a half day program that concludes saturday afternoon.

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