Thursday, October 7, 2010

allen ginsberg performs "howl" for the first time - 55 years ago today!

it was 55 years ago today that allen ginsberg first performed "howl" in public at the six gallery in san francisco. while i posted about the anniversary last year, it's worth mentioning again because of the new film, "howl," that was released last month which dramatizes the six gallery reading and subsequent obscenity trial of the landmark poem. if you haven't yet seen james franco's performance as allen ginsberg, make time to catch "howl' in the theatre - it's a must see for any fan of ginsberg and/or the beats.

today's the day to pull that dog-eared pocket poet copy of "howl" off the shelf and read it once again. or, in lieu of that, do something subversive to commemorate the anniversary ;D

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