Tuesday, October 12, 2010

bangkok: day three

i got back to running outside this morning and did just over 6 miles (4 of which were at chuvit garden). i never made it to the treadmill yesterday, not that i tried too hard to find the time for it - just zero desire to battle it again. i thought about dealing with the crowded streets after classes last night, but the weather took care of that decision. a new round of thunderstorms arrived at the end of the day and that weather pattern lasted, on and off, through most of the night.

when i ran this morning, the sky was still overcast and it was pretty humid. as i write this now, about 8:30, the sun has just come out. my classes start in a half hour, so this post will be short.

stay tuned :D

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The Scientist Runner said...

MM#2800 welcomes you to SE Asia, my region...Yes it is indeed tough to run in Bangkok, with the traffic and all plus few parks ... but the Bangkok Marathon will be on November 21 and the Chiangmai Marathon on December 26.. I will run the latter... Enjoy your stay there!