Friday, October 15, 2010

bangkok: day six

i had chuvit garden pretty much to myself this morning. not too much company in the rain - not even the cats. i waited until 6:45 to see if it would let up, but no such luck. yesterday it rained during the last 2 miles of the run. today it rained from the minute i left the hotel until i walked back in the door. there was one die hard walker, w/an umbrella, when i got to the park - but she left after my second loop. except for the gardener, it was deserted for the rest of my 16 loops.

i had planned on 22 loops, just over 4 miles, but i called it quits after just 3 miles. still, i was more than happy to have dragged myself outside. the streets were pretty empty - surprising because even at that early hour they can be relatively busy. it's still raining right now, at 8:30, which seems like the longest stretch of bad weather we've had this week. normally the rain doesn't last more than an hour.

yesterday was the last full day of classes. today is a half day, followed by a group tour to the grand palace in the afternoon. hopefully, we'll get some sun for the touristy half of the day :D

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