Monday, October 25, 2010

50 races in 2010... so far

when i updated my running stats for 2010 after a pair of races this weekend, i was surpised to see that the bimbler's bluff 50k was my 50th race in 2010! so i thought i'd take the opportunity to do a quick breakdown of the 2010 races by distance: 11 ultras, 3 marathons, and 36 races shorter than a marathon :D

the most frequently raced distance so far is the 50k - with bimbler's bluff being the 6th one of 2010. one notch behind, the half marathon comes in with 5 raced this year. the range of distances runs from a one miler (new canaan) to a pair of hundred milers (umstead and beast of burden) and even included a xc two-person relay (van cortlandt park, with emmy).

the pace of races has slowed from 2009; and it's unlikely i'll equal the 67 races i ran last year. with just over two months left to the year, i may reach 60 - it'll be a stretch. as i'm writing this, it occurs to me that this will be the first month of 2010 that i don't log at least 200 miles (thanks to travel and illness) - which bums me out a little. still, i'm on pace to surpass my 2009 (training and race) mileage.

in an interesting twist, 24 of the races were run in connecticut - versus 22 in new york! while i run plenty of races in connecticut (primarily fairfield county), this inversion is a first. i wonder if it will hold up by year end). of the ny races, 8 were nyrr races - and the nyc marathon will by my 9th - to get a guaranteed entry into the 2011 nyc marathon.

still plenty of running and racing left in 2010 - stay tuned :D


Slomohusky said...

Your pretty amazing! Great job on the 50!

Todd said...

Frank, it's not how many races you run, but how much fan you have while doing them. ;)
For me, I am looking at my race roster, and I have run all of 13 races this year, my lowest total in 7 years. Maybe I'm getting old, or maybe I'm just moving in a different direction. Probably the latter. But whichever the case, I am definitely having fun!