Wednesday, October 20, 2010

happy birthday tom petty - 60 years old today!

it's hard to believe tom petty is 60 years old today! tom petty and the heartbreakers was staple of my high school music scene in the 1970's - and he's been going strong ever since. since his "live anthology" was released a in 2009, petty tunes have made a major return to my ipod play list. the 4 cd collection of his live performances quickly became on of my all time favorite petty releases. this year petty followed up the live anthology with "mojo," an album of new music that showed his talent is in no way fading with the years.

two years ago i caught peter bogdanovich's 2007 documentary on petty's career, "runnin down a dream," which is a must watch for any petty fan. it's a fascinating look at the many sides of his music - and life. come to think of it, i'm going to add it to my netflix queue - and listen to his live anthology on my ipod today!

happy birthday tom petty!!