Tuesday, October 5, 2010

no running for an entire week :(

it's pretty hard to believe, but i haven't run once since last wednesday - when i logged an easy 4.5 mile recovery run. the very next day i was hit with some nasty flu symptoms - mainly a fever and chills. they got worse over the next 24 hours, but peaked on friday night. i felt well enough on saturday afternoon to accompany katie to the dia museum for a shool project and, afterwards, celebrate my nephew's 6th birthday at the mid-hudson children's museum.

all that running around (can't resist that one) wasn't the smartest move. by saturday night the fever had crept back and i had relapsed feeling lousy - which carried over into sunday. that necessitated a call to my doctor, who had me come in on monday for the belated check-up and and some blood tests. still, i managed to get myself into the city for my monday night class, and back into the city this morning for the tuesday morning class.

but when i got home this afternoon, while i could have dragged myself outside for a few miles, i decided to take a rest day. writing that seems pretty funny since i'd been resting my running since the previous week. but to avoid the "no good deed goes unpunished" maxim, i wasn't about to push my luck - and relapse. so tomorrow i'll return to the roads for an easy 4-6 miles (and wonder where that week has flown by).

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