Sunday, June 27, 2010

sir walter gun club, creedmore north carolina

scott, my brother-in-law, took katie, george, and me to the sir walter (as in raleigh) gun club, in creedmore, this afternoon. scott is the club's range safety officer. while i ran the umstead 100 miler last winter, katie, george, and pat were at the club shooting! so it was my turn to get in some target practice (it had been 30+ years since i handled a firearm!).

scott brought along enough weapons to outfit a small militia. after we set up the targets, we shot rifles first. then me moved in closer and fired pistols. it was an incredible hot day (the temperature never feel below 90 degrees), but we had a great time out there!

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chaoslodge said...

This is Scott, aka the brother in law. It was a great afternoon and I can unequivicolly say that one should never miss a chance to take a yankee shooting!

For the record, I am not the club RSO. I am just one of many members who have been certified by the NRA after completing a rigorous safety course.