Tuesday, June 1, 2010

june 2010 race schedule

my june race schedule kicks off this weekend with the nipmuck trail marathon. it will be my 4th nipmuck marathon, and it's one of my favorite trail events. low-key, old-school, tough, and lots of fun!

the following weekend is a pair of short races: cook your buns 3 miler friday night and the norwalk summer series 3 miler on saturday. cook your buns is almost an annual event for me (especially with the bbq afterwards). it's also an event that katie has participated in over the years (including the kids mile when she was younger).

the norwalk summer series kick-off with the 3 miler is also a favorite. this year i'll have to miss the second race, the 5 miler at the end of the month, because i'll be in north carolina for my nephew's baptism. if katie doesn't run cook your buns on friday night, she'll run this race. right now the bbq gets an edge over the ice cream :D

the joe kleinerman 12-hour run is my my 4th race in the 2010 ny ultrarunning grand prix series - and my last major training run before the vermont 100 mile endurance run in july. my goal is to run 100k on the roughly 1 mile loop course in queens (crocheron park). i look forward to social side as well, because plenty of friends from the ultra community are expected.

i've never done the staples 5k, so look forward to it. i've always associated staples with the westport summer series 10 miler - so running only a third of the usual distance there will be an interesting twist ;p

here's how it looks now:

6/6 - nipmuck trail marathon
6/11 - cook your buns, 3m
6/12 - norwalk summer series, 3m
6/19 - joe kleinerman 12-hour run
6/20 - staples "run in the sun" 5k

as always, if your at any of these events, say hello!


Ansky said...

My wife went to Staples HS. If it weren't Father's Day, I may have considered this race and brought my wife to take a trip down memory lane.

rundangerously said...

ansky, small world - my wife is also a staples alum ('81).

if your wife hasn't been there lately, she might not recognize the place. major remodeling done there over the last few years!

Micah said...

I wanted to run the nipmuck trail marathon also, but didn't meet any of the prerequisites (yet). Maybe next year.

rundangerously said...

micah, this is last nipumuck for the current race director (dave). next year it'll be organized by a different group. stay tuned for any changes.