Monday, June 7, 2010

happy birthday tom jones - 70 years old today!

tom jones, born june 7, 1940, celebrates his 70th birthday today, it may seem a bit unusual, but i've been a huge fan of tom jones for years! his songs have populated my ipod playlists for years - "delilah" (my all time favorite jones song), "what's new pussycat," "it's not unusual," and "she's a lady" to name some hits. "delilah" also contains some of the most gruesome imagery of any pop song i've every heard!

in a fun fact, jones purchased dean martin's bel air mansion in 1974 and has occupied it ever since (although after 35 years, he announced plans to leave los angeles and return to the united kingdom)!

happy birthday, tom jones!


Slomohusky said...

U R my long lost Music Twin on the Eastcoast. My favorite singer. Thanks for noting his 70th. Not only is he a great singer, smart, interesting person as well.

Lightning said...

There's a mountain race I ran in last year near where Tom was born in Wales. It was called "The Green Green Grass of Home". Sweet

Keep running