Tuesday, June 29, 2010

back home from north carolina

i got home from north carolina early this afternoon - after an only a one hour flight (which was even faster than the one hour and 10 minutes flying time down there on friday)! i'm glad to be home (although pat and katie are coming home on thursday) - but, tomorrow it's back to work.

the highlight of the trip was forrest's baptism on saturday morning. but i also managed to get in some running during the extended weekend, albeit in some hot humid conditions! each day the temperature was in the high 90's - and sunday topped out at 103 degrees. most of my runs were squeezed in between family activities (5 miles saturday, 6.2 sunday, and 7.5 miles on monday). they were some tough miles, weather-wise, and included a lot of hills and pavement (and about a mile of trail).

other highlights included a visit to the the sir walter gun club on sunday with scott, george and katie and, on monday, a visit to the chatham hill winery with pat. these two activities should not necessarily be combined :D

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