Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2010 summer solstice 15k: race photos and results

i just got back from a trip to new paltz for the summer solstice 15k. this is a great race, over fantastic carriage trails, in minnewaska state park, with spectacular views! even with the race starting at 6:30, the bank thermometer read 93 degrees(!) as we drove through town to get to the park! it was a hot, humid night to race!

the short version: in sharp contrast to last year (when we arrived 40 minutes after the race had begun thanks to heavy traffic and horrible weather), emmy and i arrived early. the race went off on time and i managed a 1:05:50 for the course. emmy, with a 1:14, took 1st in her age group (and won a loaf a pannera bread). we met up with myriam before and after the race, and also met up with doug (who also won his age group).

here is my race report, and here are the race results.


Just_because_today said...

Nice report. It was nice to see you. I struggled the first 3.5 miles with no water. That was insane on a day like that


Nice report Frank, it was nice to see at the run.


It was a pleasure to see you at the run.Nice writing I enjoy reading your blog.