Thursday, June 17, 2010

bobby fischer's body ordered exhumed by iceland's supreme court!

legendary chess champion bobby fischer died in january, 2008, in iceland (where he had been living) more than two years ago. yesterday, as the ny times reports, the supreme court of iceland ordered that his body be exhumed and a paternity test be conducted to determine whether 9 year old jinky ong is, in fact, his daughter.

from the news report: "since his death, there has been an ongoing fight over his estate involving competing claims by marilyn young, jinky’s mother; miyoko watai, the head of the japanese chess association, who said she legally married fischer in 2004; and two of fischer’s nephews, alexander and nicholas targ. agence france-presse reported that the united states government has also filed a claim for unpaid taxes."

interestingly, this is from the 2008 ny times obituary, "he never married, but had a daughter, jinky ong, in 2000 with a companion, justine ong, in manila. the child is his only immediate survivor." the obituary made no mention of miyoko watai, who claims she married fischer in 2004 (at which time they had been living together in japan).

update: dna tests establish fischer is not jinky's father.

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