Monday, July 6, 2015

"enterprise radio" european pirate 6945 khz (via SDR) eQSL

"enterprise radio," broadcasting from northern italy on 6945 kHz over the 4th of july weekend is my first european pirate eQSL!  it's one of a number of stations i logged recently, listening via a webSDR (software defined radio) based at the university of twente, in the netherlands! 

i've been experimenting with SDR because i'm looking to purchase one. it's an entirely different experience from the classic (old-school) tuning the dial via a regular radio.  i'm planning a separate post on SDR - so stay tuned.

in the meantime, enterprise radio is my 7th shortwave pirate eQSL (albeit i'll probably post an asterisk next to it because it wasn't logged in ny) - and first one from europe!

here are the links to my earlier (north american) shortwave pirate eQSL posts:

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