Monday, July 13, 2015

a pair of weekend 7 milers + one :D

as my post-op running base-rebuilding continues, i ran a pair of hilly 7 milers over the weekend.  that's pretty much in line with my doctor's orders - who, by the way, took out the remaining two stitches (left eye) this morning!  i celebrated by running the same 7 miler again when i got home this afternoon :D

not only am i getting in the miles to rebuild my base mileage, but also to get re-acclimated to the heat and humidity.  before the 3 week hiatus from running, i had a decent number of hot summer miles under my belt.  but even with a lot of walking in those non-running weeks, getting back to running in heavy humidity was tough (like starting over tough).

on the positive side, the string of 7 milers came in at 58:20, 58:00 and 57:05 minutes, consecutively.  the more fascinating tidbit is while i struggled in the first two runs, the third one (this afternoon) was a relatively fast first 4 miles and then each successive one got tougher (including some walking on the hills in 6 and 7). but i still managed to finish it almost a minute faster than the 7 miles on sunday!

what that tells me is that some of my speed is coming back!  however, the endurance isn't keeping pace - haha! 

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