Wednesday, July 8, 2015

3 weeks later... back to running :D

4 mile done!  it's been 2 weeks since the second cataract surgery (left eye) - the minimum designated "no running" period per my doctor's orders (and that came a week after the initial surgery on my right eye).  this has been the longest stretch that I haven't run a step.  I seriously cannot remember having not run for a period of 3 weeks.  in fact, I doubt that in the last 15 years I've been sidelined for more than a week (if that long) without any running. 

I've had some setbacks (hematoma at umstead, anemia the following summer, chronic compartment syndrome a few years back, a nasty scalding of my hand last fall) but quickly bounced back (relatively speaking).  even with the chronic compartment syndrome I was able to run a little (e.g. low mileage).  this was a totally new - and at times utterly frustrating - experience.

it's a small price to pay, however, for the benefits - better vision!  in fact, the best benefit of all is having my "night vision" restored as a result of getting rid of the cataract in my right eye.  now I can drive at "night" again - for better or worse!

so it's going to be an interesting next few weeks as I get my running legs back.  I've basically power walked over these last weeks to keep up some sort of cardio.  but 14 minute miles aren't the same as 8 minute miles (or racing, for that matter).  despite the heat and humidity, the 4 miles took me just over 34 minutes (an 8:32 pace).  i'm way happy with that! 

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