Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"radio free whatever" 6950 khz usb pirate radio eQSL

here is the newest pirate eQSL- from "radio free whatever" - via, of all places, HF Underground, a great online shortwave pirate radio forum!  by way of background, HFU is fantastic resource for anyone interested in pirate radio broadcasts.  one essential feature is the discussion forum devoted to current pirate logs - where listeners share information about what stations are currently on the air.  the posts generally include reception reports - and are frequented by the very broadcasters being discussed and reported.

so back to "radio free whatever" a station i logged over memorial day weekend and again a week later on june 6.  while i received an email verification, there was no eQSL.  I've logged it before and since, but those were the only two reports i submitted.  yesterday, dick, the radio free whatever DJ replied to a forum post asking about his eQSL policy:

"We did E-QSL for a while but we got behind a little over a year ago and haven't since. We used to do nice personalized QSLs but it got tedious to do a dozen or so after least for me Mr. A.D.D. So I asked Assistant Stavin to do it. After all, HES THE FRIGGIN ASSISTANT. I produce each show myself in the studio. I spend hours listening and flagging new tunes to share on RFW. Surely just doing the QSLs would be an ok chore for Stavin...but then his computer crashed and then he got incarcerated, and then he had some mini strokes, and then he had biblical leprosy, uh herpes, I mean um...SHINGLES. Yada Yada Yada, one excuse after another. Yeah so he won't do them. I'm tired of disappointing people over the QSL thing so I have an idea. Maybe I can post a generic QSL on here for each show y'all can download. It's a hell of a lot easier to make one than like 10 or more per show."

not only was it a great (and sincere) reply, but it's also a great idea.  since this hobby is built on the honor system, anyone who would "claim" a generic QSL for a station that wasn't actually logged (putting aside the question of "unidentified" for this purpose), is pretty lame.  so dick's idea to post a generic jpg goes a long way toward satisfying the demand for QSLs when a station is faced with limited resources.  this could cover most broadcasts, with personalized QSLs issued for special broadcasts/events.

just saying...

as for me - this eQSL is pirate number 6

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