Thursday, July 9, 2015

"radio pig international" - WPIG - shortwave pirate eQSL

this eQSL from WPIG - radio pig international - is a very unexpected surprise.  i heard the broadcast last month but, without an email address, posted a report on the HF Underground pirate forum instead of sending in a reception report.  then, yesterday, a couple of listeners posted WPIG eQSLs - and one was kind enough to post the email address as well. 

so i sent a copy of the forum post to WPIG and shortly thereafter i received this fantastic eQSL back from Ira Pigg himself!

Oink oink Frank!
Here is your WPIG QSL
... oink oink!
Ira Pigg

i love it!  many thanks Ira - for the QSl and the broadcasts!


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