Saturday, July 4, 2015

joey chestnut defeated by matt stonie at nathan's hot dog eating contest

the Nathan's annual hot dog eating contest is a regular part of my 4th of July -- and watching joey chestnut win it was almost an automatic bet... until today!!  Instead of garnering his ninth consecutive mustard belt, he lost to matt stonie by 2 hot dogs (60-62)!  stonie, no newcomer to hot dog eating (he took second place to joey last summer) - at one more hot dog than chestnut did last year, while joey was one short of the 61 he ate in 2013.  neither one came close to joey's all time best - 69 hot dogs.  that record may stand for a few more years!

i last posted about this annual event back in 2009 - it was joey chestnut's 3 mustard belt that year (and he downed 68 dogs).  now we have a great re-match to look forward to in 2016!!  it will be even more fantastic if kobayashi got back into the mix!!

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