Tuesday, July 21, 2015

r.i.p. - theodore bikel

theodore bikel died today at the age of 91.  while his body of work as an actor - and activist - is enormous, i first encountered him in the role of bando, in "my side of the mountain," where he played a wandering folk singer - basically himself.  "my side of the mountain" is my all-time favorite movie - and that's saying a lot since there are a lot of movies i really love!

i also associate bikel with two t.v. roles, one especially memorable, where he butts heads with columbo ("bye-bye sky high i.q. murder case").  there he played a murdering mensa-member accountant who tried to cover up his embezzlements by killing his partner.  he also played worf's adoptive father on "star trek: the next generation."

so that's my favorite movie, favorite t.v. detective series, and favorite t.v. sci-fi franchise!  not a bad trifecta of acting roles in my book :D

for the full bio - and all his serious stage, screen and activist credits - check out the n.y. times obituary.

rest in peace theodore bikel

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