Tuesday, June 30, 2015

"free thinker radio" shortwave pirate eQSL

received this great eQSL from "free thinker radio" - from a broadcast last week on 6925 kHz - over a pirate relay station.  that was a tape of an earlier show.  what was more fun was hearing "free thinker radio" broadcast over WBCQ, 9955 kHz shortwave on sunday night!

it's not too often one can log a pirate and legit broadcast of the same station in very the same week! that was something new for me!

thanks for both broadcasts "free thinker radio!"


This is my 5th eQSL from a pirate radio station in the last month!

"boom box radio"
"the crystal ship"
"voice of pearl harbor,"
and "shortwave ghost"

Pirate radio is alive and well on the shortwaves!

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