Sunday, June 21, 2015

happy summer solstice 2015 - and fathers day too!!

happy summer solstice!

summer officially arrives here on the east coast in a few more hours - at 12:39 pm, in fact.  fathers day arrived at midnight!  can't remember when these two days last coincided.

i'm marking both days without running - midway between my two eye surgeries (right eye done last wednesday, left one this wednesday).  one the plus side, will get better vision - hurray!  on the negative side - no running (among numerous activities restricted). that's a major downer because there are so many great races going on!

on the conservative side, i won't be able to lace up my running shoes for 2 weeks following the second surgery.  that means i may not get back to running until the first week of july.  that's a lot of detraining to make up. but, taking the long view, it's not a big price to pay for getting better eyesight!

so that's where i'm at on this summer solstice/fathers day 2015!

and for all the dad's out there - happy fathers day!

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