Sunday, June 7, 2015

2015 retro 4 miler: race photos & results


the retro 4 miler this morning was race #6 for me - only 3 more to go (and the volunteer requirement) for the 9+1 for 2016.  since i'm in the 2015 marathon, really need only 2 more qualifying races during the rest of this year!

as for the race itself, i had a 30 minute time goal, 7:30 miles.  as of the 3 mile mark (with a straight 22:30 split) i was right on the edge of meeting it.  but there was a little push left that got me to the finish in less than 7:30 minutes.  i finished in 29:36, a 7:24 pace - just under my target!

i didn't get too many pictures this moring because my metro north ran train ran only once an hour (sunday schedule).  but i did catch up with some friends at baggage :D

here are the race results from nyrr

and here are a couple more photos up on facebook.

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