Thursday, June 18, 2015

my cataract surgery - it's done!

yesterday i finally had the cataract removed from my right eye!  finally, in the sense that my doctor diagnosed this problem in 2009(!) and through procrastination, anxiety, logistics - but mostly fear - i kcpt putting off the day of reckoning!  and since the eye surgery ice has been broken, the left eye is on deck for correction next week!  i'm happy - and relieved - to finally get this taken care of.  aside from the corrected vision itself, the one big benefit i should get from it is the restoration of my night vision.  i'll be able to drive at night again!

the only downside at this point is the recovery.  i can't do any running for two weeks.  i basically won't be doing any running (and especially races) for the next three weeks!  yikes!  that's going to be one tough stretch of withdrawal :O

but it's all good!

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