Friday, June 19, 2015

2014 nyrr grand prix patch... and certificate!

this post was almost sidetracked because of the cataract surgery this week - the 2014 grand prix series patch arrived on wednesday (same day as the surgery, in fact)!  this was the first back to back 5 boro series i've completed.  Prior to 2013, the last time i completed all 5 races was back in 2005 (when the series consisted of 5 half marathons across each boro).  Given the races i've missed in 2015, there won't be a 3 peat of the series this year!

last year, as a little bonus, a package of race magnets was included with the patch and certificate.  this year, there were no magnets.  but the patch is, i my opinion, way cooler than the 2013 version!

here is my short recap of the five 2014 races - which i posted back in October, following the last race - the staten island half.

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